Objections and Excuses To Delegating Work to Others: SP012

Objections and excuses from solopreneurs and how you can overcome them!

In this episode of Standard Procedure I explore the objections I've heard from solopreneurs as to why they don't delegate work and how you can overcome your excuses.

The main excuses/objections I hear are:

  1. I can't delegate because my clients hire me
  2. Nobody can achieve the same results as me
  3. How do I maintain or assure the quality of the service
  4. I feel like I have to be there to oversee the work, so I might as well just deliver it myself



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Solopreneurs need to make the transition from working in their business to freeing up more time to be able to spend developing and growing the business.


1. I can't delegate because my clients hire me

"My clients only want me"

"They only want me to deliver"

When you have got the contract with your client you have given the impression that;

  • You are the product
  • You are the service

You have the:

  • skills
  • Approach
  • Methodology
  • Practice

So when you are approaching your client and trying to confirm the contract.

You are just offering YOU

Clients don't have objections if you don't deliver.

The solution to this is to delegate your work and still keep your clients happy.


2. Nobody can achieve the same results as me

"Only I can achieve these results"

"Only I can deliver to this standard"

"Only I can make the impact my clients want to see"

We all have our own personal approach, our own style, skills and experience that we can bring to the table.

No one can necessarily do what you do and how you do it. However, that doesn't mean that no body else can achieve the same results as you.

My solution to this excuse is that if your planning on running your own business, create a system and process to enable others to achieve the same results.

Share your experience on how to achieve the best results.

We were all trainees and we were taught the skills we know.


3. How do I maintain and assure the quality of the service

The fear of having another person working on your behalf, the quality will be compromised.

If you're having other members of staff working on your behalf you should set in place Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Have templates for them to work from
  • Worksheets
  • Scripts
  • Checklists
  • Outlines
  • Presentation slide and speaker notes to go with them

This goes back to the last excuse and have in places systems and processes for how you want the work to be presented and your staff can do it in their own unique way.

Yes, you can maintain and assure the quality standards  of your service without you having to be there and that's where systems and processes kick into place.


4. I feel like I have to be there to oversee the work, so I might as well deliver it myself

This might be the way you feel the first couple of times you delegate your work to somebody else.

But for the induction period you might have to be there to see if standards are being met.

You will feel like it's a waste of time and a waste of money. You will probably be thinking why should I be paying someone to be here to free me up, when I am here, I might as well just deliver it myself.

However, this is only short term, it's only for a specific period of time.

If you think about things long-term, if you spend 2-3 hours to train your staff and train them on what is required of them, it will free up more of your time.

Eventually trust somebody or you're going to be delivering forever.

Sometimes you might have to interject to pull things back on track, then step back out, but once staff see your style and standards/expectations they will get it. Your staff can't be you can't be you and you can't be them, let them bring their own style to the table.


Listen to find out how to niche down and find your thing to re brand and how to own it.

You will learn;

  • Common objections and excuses from solo prenuers
  • Why people don't delegate work
  • Solution on how to over come these excuses
  • How to free up more time to help your business grow
  • How to set in place Standing Operating Procedures



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