3VS 004: The 7 Most Important Skills To Develop And Improve When Preparing To Start Your Business


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In this episode of 3VS we explore the 7 most important skills you need to to develop and improve when preparing to start your own business.

I've had an extremely fruitful personal development journey, and have really seen the benefits of investing in yourself, and in life long learning.

I left school with pretty much zero qualifications, and went on to drop out of college, (Well, actually, I was kicked out for non-attendance).

But once I found my way, and to experience the results of personal development , I began to grow and develop at an exponential rate, consuming as much material as I could get my hands on.

Books, Audio Books, Lectures, Podcasts, Video Courses and so on.

The results are evident!

Now I know there are hundreds of skills required, but these are the ones that I found to be the most important, as they are fundamental to getting you started and for laying a strong foundation to build you business on.



Don't worry, I'm not trying to overwhelm you and put you off starting, I'm just sharing my experience to give you the best start you can get.

Listen to find out where you should spend your time, energy, and money to get the best return on your investment and make the strongest start on your business journey.

You will learn;

  • The skill you will use 85 percent more than any other skill in your business.
  • The skill than almost every entrepreneur struggles with, due to the precious feelings they have towards their products and services
  • The basic principal that will help you get more clients and more sales
  • The boring but essential practice you must get to grips with
  • The one fear you must overcome that will give you the skill to connect with people more than ever before.
  • How having Courageous Conversations now, can save you time, and trouble later
  • The one quality that you must learn and develop by experience.

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