3VS 008: 4 Levels Every Sales Funnel Must Have

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How Effective Is Your Sales Funnel?

Do you even have a Sales Funnel?

You should view and treat your customers in the same way you view your other relationships.

Without the right amount of time and effort invested in nurturing that relationship, it will not grow and develop very well.

Nobody likes being jumped on and asked to make a big commitment in the first stages of a relationship.

And nobody really likes being sold to.

One of the most successful methods of making sales is the take the potential customer through your sales funnel.

There are four specific elements your Sales Funnel Must Have.




Many new entrepreneurs and  business owners don't have a logical and strategic sales funnel in place.


Neither do they have a systematic process to walk their customers through the sales process.


This means that those new entrepreneurs and  business owners are leaving a lot of money on the table.


In this episode of 3VS, we examine the 4 levels every sales funnel must have to better your sales results and ultimately increase the profits your business makes.


Listen to find out what these 4 levels are, and why you must have them in your sales funnel.

You will learn;

  • How you can convert one off customers in to brand loyal clients
  • How give away services for FREE can earn you much more money
  • The link between trust and sales
  • Why you shouldn't offer your core product or service to customers first
  • How having a smaller group of clients can be more profitable

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