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How to Build BIG Brands - Audria Richmond & Tony Brown

3VTV: EP10 – Building BIG Brands With Audria Richmond

Listen To This Episode (01:01:25)

This is the audio from a recent episode of my weekly Video Webcast 3VTV, where I interviewed Audria Richmond of Building Big Brands.

Audria is addicted to all things branding!

Her passion is to teach you how to look good visually while customizing a profitable, one of a kind presence using modern branding & marketing strategies.

Audria wants to take your brand from mediocre to mind blowing.

When people see your brand, words like fabulous, extraordinary, unique, informative and captivating should be what comes to mind.

Audria wants people to look at your presence and see style, sophistication and professionalism. She wants them to see YOU!

With over six years of professional graphic design & photography skills, Audria knows what it takes when it comes to building a brand.

It may appear to be very difficult. But, with Audria as your visual branding stylist, it doesn’t have to be.

Her passion and expertise refuses to see you or your company look like what we see far too often; a person ‘claiming’ to be an expert in their field using sleazy photos, mismatched colors, and inconsistent branding across all platforms, from their website to social media.

Audria Richmond Builds Big Brand!



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