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ABOUT - TONY L BROWN - Business Systems Strategist

Let me help you to systemise your business, reduce your workload and increase your productivity.

I can help you gain you more free and flexible time to do the things you enjoy most.

If you've been running your own business for a while now, and things are getting busy, to the point where work is starting to get back logged, and you regularly find yourself overwhelmed with business related tasks to do.... then what I'm about to share on this page will probably relate to you.

You've worked extremely hard to build your business to the point at where it is today. In the process of building your business you've had to make many sacrifices along the way.

I know, I've been there....Working hard to build and grow my business, and neglecting other important areas of my life.

Delegate Tasks Effectively, Reduce Your Workload, Increase Your Productivity, In less than 10 Minutes. Get FREE Training Video & Project Management Process.

This is my personal blog, a mix bag of information to equip you with the what, why's and how's you need to systemise your business and make it work for you, rather than you working for your business.v

A growing collection of written, audio and video teaching and training content to equip you with everything you need to design and implement the systems you need to make your business run successfully without you needing to do all the hard work yourself.

As the saying goes - "Working Smarter - Not Harder."
The Book
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So what's my story?

My corporate background is in local government senior managmant

During the latter part of my "9 to 5" I was able to successfully lead and coach a team of around 30 staff members for over 5 years, through a tough time of massive budget cuts, service restructures and job loses.

Working in a city made up of some of the most deprived communities in Europe.

During this time I learned a thing or two about problem solving, overcoming adversity and getting things done."

There were a few major keys to my success;

In 2012 I began to intentionally work towards building my own business to a point where I was able to walk away from my corporate job and go full time self employed. In 2013 - 1 year later - I did just that. In addition, I was also able to employ 5 other people to help scale the business. And I was able to do all this in 12 months.

In Early 2014 I was selected to attend the UK Houses of Parliament, to sit on a Select Committee Panel on how to Nurture and Develop Entrepreneurship and Enterprising behaviour amongst young people.

However, it was not all sunshine and roses

I was working ridiculously hard to get the business to that point, but failed to recognise the negative impact this was having on my personal / family life.

I was so busy running and growing the business that I was neglecting to spend any regular quality time with my wife and children.

Imagine that...
The mistake I had made was that much, if not all of the business activity was dependent on me.

I was doing almost everything myself!

If I was to go away for an extended period of time the business would have eventually stopped running.

I tried employing more people, but seemed to spend more time managing them and showing them how the business should run.

I also tried working a four day week, but found myself having a mountain of tasks to work through when I got back in the office.

I felt trapped by my own business.

I would often work late, sometimes into the early hours of the morning.

I would then wake up tired and sluggish.

This then had a negative impact on my mental and physical ability.

Which then had an impact on my personal and work life.

Something had to change.

I feared that my business would ruin my marriage and my family.

I feared that my children would grow to resent me because of the amount of time I spent running my business.

The Turning Point

As a Family we love to travel and go on holiday together.

In early 2015, we decided we were going to take a risk and spend 8 weeks in Jamaica visiting family.

8 weeks!!

To do this I knew that I needed to systemise the business to ensure that it would continue to run smoothly without me being around.

So I set about developing and training a team of VA's [virtual assistants] who I could delegate the day to day running of the business to and who would eventually replace me.

"What's a virtual assistant?" I hear you ask...

Don't worry.... I asked the same question when I first heard other entrepreneurs talking about using VA's. Basically, a VA is a freelancer who works remotely, who you can hire to carry out a wide range of tasks. But I get into that in more detail and much more in my posts.

Anyway... Cut a long (but amazing) story short....

we pack up the essential office equipment we needed, and off we went.

While in Jamaica for 8 weeks, my business continued to run, without a hitch.

I was even able to secure 2 new contracts for my existing business and also gain my first full paying client for a brand new business I had just launched.

The systems and processes that I had developed and implemented proved to work successfully.

From that point forward, my focus has been on refining our business systems and developing further systems to improve our operations.

Now, through the work I do here at TonyLBrown.com, I'm on a mission to help other small business entrepreneurs to systemise their business operations and create more free and flexible time to spend doing the things they want to do.

I've now developed a Step-by-Step process that you can follow to systemise your own business, and create the freedom and flexibility to want.

Delegate Tasks Effectively, Reduce Your Workload, Increase Your Productivity, In less than 10 Minutes. Get FREE Training Video & Project Management Process.