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The Best Places To Find Freelancers to Work for Me Online - TONY L BROWN - Business Systems Strategist

The Best Places To Find Freelancers to Work for Me Online

Where Are The Best Places To Find Freelancers to Work for me Online?

This is a questions I get asked... A LOT.

There comes a point in every business where to enable you to growing, you need the help of others. Whether this is to save time, to use someone else's honed skills, or just to outsource work that you don't need to be doing yourself -- you will have to hire someone on to do the work for you.

But, the question is.... where are the best places online to find these freelancers to work for you?

In this article, I'm going to share with your my top 5 best places to find Freelancers online to work for you.


One of the most common complaints I hear about this, is how difficult it can be to have someone else work for you. People tell me they are trying to get someone else in to make things easier but managing them is harder than the job they've hired them to do.


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When I began my business, I had problems with this myself. Setting aside time to hire someone, to train and check-in on them, to fill out paperwork, to pay extra taxes for them, or making room in my calendar for their holidays was not what I had in mind when I hired them.


Everything became easier when I realised I had Google and thousands of eager freelancers in front of me -- all willing to do just as great work without all the added hassle of managing them on a daily basis.


In the early days you would have to put out an advert on a message board and prey they wouldn't steal your money, stop replying to your emails, and they'd give you something resembling the work you wanted. Now there are hundreds of websites that let you connect to freelancers and virtual assistants from across the globe to meet your every whim.


These sites offer excellent facilities to advertise for the help you need, to let you scrutinise a freelancer's profile before hiring them, and to help protect the payments you make to ensure the work you get, is the work you want.


Not all sites are created equally though and I've been through my share of frustrating sites with hidden charges. In this article I'm giving you a list of the freelancing sites I keep returning to again-and-again to help you find the easiest way to hire people online.



You will hear both Upwork and Freelancer claiming they are the largest freelancing sites on the internet but it's really only Upwork that gets the internet's big seal of approval. After folding in users from the much admired Elance it now works as a marketplace to over 9 million freelancers who offer just about every skill set you can imagine.



Signing up is simple and quick. Fill out a basic profile and then you can then post an advert for the work you need doing.


It's up to you whether you want to browse for freelancers that catch your eye or to wait for them to come to you. You will get the chance to interview people and haggle on cost before hiring them. Once you've done that your money is held safely via escrow and you only release payment when you are happy with the end product.


You will find that you get a lot of copy-and-paste responses to almost any job advert you place so you need to be smart when looking for help.


The best results are found when you look for the freelancer yourself. You need to offer a reasonable price and be very clear about what you want from them. I’ve found it is a worthwhile investment to take the time to do this so I can get excellent work for a good price.


The site gets its money by charging a fee to the freelancer so there is no cost to you. A few other sites can compete with Upwork in terms of numbers or ease of use and it should be your go-to site for larger or long-term projects.



Freelancer works in a very similar way to Upwork. It also has a large user base and requires you to put in a bit of effort to find a good freelancer by sifting through the weaker candidates and showing yourself to be a serious client that wants good work.


Whichever site you choose is up to you and I'd recommend having a look at both. Many freelancers will use a variety of sites so you can't rely on any service to have more talent than any other.


I prefer Upwork because it tends to be more straightforward to use and, in general, the interface is easier to navigate.


However, I still like to use Freelancer occasionally to make sure I am not losing out on any specific talent and to give me more options in choosing a freelancer.


People per hour

People per hour are the main British website for finding freelancers to design software, to create graphics or logos, or to help with promotion and marketing.


People Per Hour It will take you longer to find freelancers compared to Upwork and Freelancer, where you will often be swamped with offers, and you won't find quite the same rock bottom prices. However, it is easier to find good quality freelancers and the interface works well.


If you are finding Upwork or Freelancer a pain because of their size it is worth trying People per hour for a less stressful experience. I use People per hour when I am feeling more patient and I want work done by someone with local knowledge.



Fiverr is different to these above freelancing websites because it is you who finds the freelancer and not the other way around.


Freelancers put out an advert for a specific service they are offering and all it will cost you is five pounds or more. Since the launch of the site they've allowed freelancers to offer services for up to five hundred pounds -- but all jobs stick to one set price.


With this model, it is only suitable for much smaller jobs that you want taking care of, such as a logo design or a simple website, but it can provide excellent value for money for those smaller tasks. You can check profiles for feedback and reviews and if you aren't happy with the work you won't have lost much.


The site is really for amateur freelancers looking to build a portfolio and it isn't built with long-term working relationships in mind, but for what it does it can't be beaten.


The real attraction is that you get to avoid the large groups of poor quality freelancers found on other websites and you know exactly what you are getting when you hand over the money.



99Designs has the most peculiar set-up of any site on this list. It is built almost exclusively for graphic design freelancers and it works by setting up a contest for freelancers. 99designs

You put out a pitch for the work you want doing and the price you want to pay -- then a group of designers will put forward an idea and you choose your favourite.


I used to use Fiverr when I had small graphic design projects that needed doing but 99Designs has taken that role for me because it lets me have a better idea of what I am going to get and I have found I can get really great work for a low price.


There is always the risk you don't get quite the work you are looking when you make a pitch but I have yet to have that happen to me.


As long as you are clear about what you want and have realistic expectations it is a great platform to get design work done.


Get Hiring Today

With the entire world of freelancers just one job post away there is no excuse to keep doing work for yourself when you can cheaply and effectively outsource it to others.


If you haven't tried it yet hire someone today.


Find a small task and use a site like Fiverr to see how simple the process is and the kind of result you can get just days after posting.

Once you've hired someone, you will want to be able to communicate with them effectively, without creating any additional back log in your email inbox.

Check out this post on How to communicate effectively, without clogging up my email inbox.

You will also want to be able to delegate tasks to your freelancer effectively, without causing yourself any further workload or stress.

Check out this post that answers the question: What Is The Best Way to Delegate Tasks To My Freelancer?



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  • May 10, 2016 at 2:23 am

    Hi Tony,
    Great work! Thank you for bringing these sites together.
    I only used Upwork from these sites. I’ll try using other sites too.
    Thank you for sharing Tony. Keep it up! 🙂


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