7 Steps To Stay Ahead Of The Game By Using Facebook Interest Lists

3VS LOGO 1If you’re as busy as I am, I’m sure you don’t have the time or patients to filter through the clutter that constantly comes in through your Facebook News Feed.

The News Feed can be great for keeping up to date with your family and friends latest activities, but it can also be distracting, and even distressing at times.

But your News Feed can also be used to put you at the cutting edge of what’s happening in your industry.

By creating your own customised Interest Lists you can streamline your News Feed and see what’s happening in your sector in one simple scroll.

Facebook Interest Lists can help you to spot trends in your industry and you can even keep tabs on what all your competitors are up to.

Facebook's interest lists have been around since early 2012, but I have found that a lot of businesses are still not using them strategically, to give them a competitive advantage over others within their industry.


Facebook Interest List-main

Here are the 7 steps to Customising Your Own Facebook Interest Lists.

Step 1: Locate the Interests Menu

A lot of people have not even noticed this option on their Facebook menu list.

It's kind of hidden away near the bottom of the menu list so you really have to look for it to find it.

Click on this menu tab to start the ball rolling on creating your own interest list.


Interest list-1

Step 2: Select The Interests You Want To Create A List For.

Because it's been awhile since I set up my interest lists, I can't remember if Facebook gives you a blank canvas to start with or if they give you some default interests based on the wealth of information they have collected from you over time.

However, to start creating your own list click on the "Add Interests" button in the right hand corner.

Interest list-2

Once you have clicked this, a new window will appear, giving you three options;

  1. Create your own list.
  2. Search for existing lists.
  3. Choose from the suggested existing Facebook lists.

You can use the suggested existing lists to give you an idea of the type of lists that are out there already.

I actually used some of these lists to identify people and pages that I was not already been aware of to include to my own customised list.


Interest list-4

Step 3: Add People And Pages To Your New List

Now it's time to search and find the people and pages you want to include in your new list.

This is the most time-consuming stage of the process when you first creating your list. But it can also be the most interesting.

I have heard of some people who have over 20,000 people and pages in one list!

Facebook will give you the option to type in the name of the person or page you want to search for.

You will also have the option to select from a range of categories found in the menu to the left of the window.


interest lists-5


Step 4: Use Google search To Find People To Add To Your List

This is a little technique are used to help me find a wider range of people within a specific Industry to add to my list.

Do a Google search for the most successful or most influential people within your chosen Industry.

In this example I searched for the "Top Internet Marketers", and used the search results to help me find more people and pages to add to my interest list in Facebook.

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Step 5: Name Your New List & Select Privacy Settings

Once you have added all the people and pages you want to feature on your list, the next step is to choose a name for your list.

Keep your list name short and use something you will recognise as this will make it easier to find later on.

Facebook Will give you three privacy setting options;

  1. Public - allowing anyone on Facebook to view your list.
  2. Friends - allowing only your Facebook friends to view your list.
  3. Only Me - making the list Private for only you to view.

I have chosen to keep my lists Private, but it's your choice what privacy settings you choose.


Interest list-7

Step 6: Make Your List Easy To Access

The first time I set up my lists, I found it a little frustrating to have to keep clicking the interest list menu on the left of the page to access my lists.

To avoid this and make your lists easy to access you need to add them to your favourites.

This will make them appear near the top of the page on the left, just under the main menu options.

Click the interest menu to access your list of "Interest Lists".


Inrest post-8


Find your new list and click the gear icon on the right hand side to access the settings.

Then select "Add to favourites".


Interest list-9

Step 7: Set Your List As Your News Feed

Now you have created your Interest list you will want to set it as your News Feed when using Facebook.

I have not yet found away to select an interest list as your default News Feed, and I doubt that Facebook will allow this to happen any time soon.

So here's what you need to do.

Every time you log in to Facebook, go over to the main menu on the left hand side of the page.

If you have followed the previous steps, then your interest list should be featured in the main menu near the top of the page.

Locate the List in the menu and click it.

Your newsfeed should then change and only content from the people and pages in that list will stream in your newsfeed.

Interest List-10


And that, my friends, is it.

Your customised Interest List will now feed you a constant supply of up-to-date relevance content From your chosen industry or sector.

You can use these lists to stay up-to-date with what is going on in your industry on a moment by moment basis.

You can have a constant supply of relevant content to share with your own audience.

You can see what your target market are talking about.

You can also see what your competitors are posting and sharing.



Your Facebook News Feed no longer has to be something to endure. You can now use  it as an extremely powerful tool to keep you at the cutting edge of what’s happening in your industry.

As a result, you will have a competitive advantage of others in your field.

What do you think? How else could we make best use of Facebook interest lists? How have you used interest lists in your business? Tell me in the comment box below.


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