Welcome to my New Site – Introduction – Start Here!

HELLO, and Welcome to TonyLBrown.com


It is a real privilege to have you here. I don't know how you found me, but I'm very grateful that you did.

As I write this post, it's early September 2014, and I've been waiting to launch into the Business Development Niche for almost 5 years!!

But before I get into any solid content, let me first give you an insight into what you will get by frequenting here. (frequenting - Nice word!!)

What this site is about

Here at TonyLBrown.com, It’s all about Business and Lifestyle Development and Growth.

I'm going to be providing you with a wide range of multimedia content that takes a practical and creative view at Business and Lifestyle development and growth; including Branding, Product and Service development and Digital Marketing.

I've always been a very hands-on, Practical person, and I am a creative at the core, and this is the approach I'm going to take when providing content for you.

I don't plan to spend too much time focusing on theory.

I'm all about “The Doing”.

That's one of the reasons why I waited so long to pivot, and finally position myself in the business development sector.

I wanted to build a business and brand from scratch first, before I started talking and teaching about the topic.

I worked in Local Government for 15 years; in December 2013 I walked away from my full time job and walk into the business I had developed.

I'm very grateful that I'm now able to run my own company, work from home, spend lots of time with my family, serve as Treasurer and Administrator at my church and provide employment for others.

Everything I bring to the table I have learnt through first-hand implementation. I'm not going to tell you anything I haven't already first tried to implement myself.

Who this site is for.

There are many great sites, podcast and online media channels that provide inspiration and motivation to the business owner / entrepreneur / wantrepreneur, so here at TonyLBrown.com I’ll be picking up where the others have left off.

You've been inspired, you've been motivated, you've weighed up your options and now you're ready to take the first steps in building your own business and creating the lifestyle you've longed for.

Whether you're still currently in a job, you're just starting out in business or you’ve got through your first few years of growth, I'm going to provide you with some practical steps to support you through the process.

If you want any of the following, then this site is for you;

  • Simple and practical “how to’s” and “walk-throughs” of proven and effective Business and Lifestyle development and growth strategies
  • Access to clear, practical Digital Marketing strategies
  • To glean insights that you can transfer to your business from a wide range of professionals from the creative industries
  • Advice on "What not to do" from those who have gone before you.
  • To ensure your customers are crystal clear about what you deliver.
  • To offer your customers Products and Services that they will gravitate towards
  • To establish a business culture that is consistent with your brand promise
  • To establish a process that perpetually and consistently generates ideas for new and innovative products and services


I'll be providing you with written articles you can read, audio podcasts that you can listen to online or download directly to your mobile device or computer to listen to in your own time, and video content you can watch, including screencasts that you can refer to again and again to help you to implement the strategies and tactics in your own business.

Some of the questions I will answer here are;

  • How can I best prepare the ground for developing and launching my business?
  • How can I best prepare the ground for new product development?
  • What marketing activities should I stop doing immediately?
  • What is the best process to take to identify and explore potential new markets for my business?
  • How can I implement a Lean approach to product development in my business?
  • How can I sell my new Products before I have invested any money to develop them?
  • How can I best market my off-line physical products and services online?
  • How can I use social media to find new clients and build a real rapport with them?
  • How can I become and remain visible in such a crowded marketplace?
  • How can I out market all my competitors?
  • How can I know what products and services my customers want to buy?
  • How can I leverage and piggyback my competitors marketing efforts?
  • How can I identify and ride a crest in my chosen industry?
  • What is the most effective process for launching a new product?
  • What should I do in the first 90 days of starting my Business?
  • How can I experiment with new business model ideas?


I want to help you to bypass the stress and frustration that comes from being overwhelmed with the massive amount of tasks related to developing and growing your own business.

I want to give you strategies to help manage and reduce the resistance to change within yourself and from others.

I want to give you processes you can implement to ensure your business and lifestyle development journey is a smooth as it can be.

I want you overcome the feeling of isolation, knowing that there are others who are currently going through or have successfully gone through the process of developing and growing their own business.

What you won’t get

What I'm not going to do is regurgitate a load of content and you can get from other popular business and marketing sites.

I will provide links to other relevance content, but everything you'll get from me will be unique.

My approach, my opinion, my perspective, my findings, my results and my recommendations.

I also don't plan to interview the same guests from the business and marketing sector that others in this field have interviewed.

I plan to bring something new to the table!

I aim to bring you original and creative content from people who you wouldn't expect to hear from. Many of whom you will never of heard of before.

Many of whom are not even in the business and marketing sector.

Through my lifetime I've found that we can glean so much from outside of the sector we operate within, and translate and transfer those insights into creative and innovative products, services and approaches which can then cause disruption within your industry, pushing you head and shoulders above your competition.

I respect anyone who is willing to be transparent in business. Especially online.

Therefore, I'm not going to try and cover up my fault's and failings.

If I try something and it doesn't work I'm going to find out why, analyse it and feedback my findings. Helping you to avoid the same mistakes in your own business.

How to work through the site.

The site content is not going anywhere, so I encourage you to take your time and consume the contents at a pace which is comfortable for you.

In this information age it is so easy to over consume information and end up feeling overwhelmed and not taking any action.

Whatever stage you are at in your business development journey, there will be something appropriate for you, I suggest you focus on the content that is relevant and appropriate to the task or project you're currently working to complete.

You can always come back and consume more content once you've completed your project.

I just don't want you to have that dreaded feeling of overwhelm, and thinking to yourself “Where do I start?”

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions for new content, then I would love to hear from you.

Visit the CONNECT page and get in touch.

I look forward to connecting with you further.

Now enjoy the ride.

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