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How To Niche Down, Find Your Thing and Own It - My Pivot.

My Pivot Niche Down and Rebrand: SP011

How To Niche Down, Find Your Thing and Own It!

After attending the 2015 New Media Europe Event, I noticed that all the speakers there had their own "thing".

They had their specific and specialist area on what they would speak about.

That observation got me thinking about my brand, and I had to ask myself;

"What do you own?"

"What's your thing?"

"What do you do?"

I have Business, Branding and Digital Marketing, but it's way too broad.

If there was anything that I took away from that conference, it was that my mission is to find my thing, my word, my specific and specialist area, and to own it.

On my way home I had time to reflect and assess the reasons I'm resistant to niching down.

I was battling, I was going back and forth and it was really getting to me and I was almost at breaking point but then it came to me, I had finally found my thing, it was my like my "ah ha" moment and that word was Systems!



Pivot_Niche Down _Rebrand



Listen To This Episode (00:22:32)


All the work I do with my clients revolves around helping them to develop systems.

Now that I have my word and I have re branded what I do, when people ask what is it you do, I feel much more confident to say "I help business owners to systemize their business".

When before I was saying "I'm a business branding and digital marketing coach and consultant" Which is a bit of a mouthful.

My fear was that i would be reducing my target market and limiting my reach. However the opposite is true.


Niche down and niche down again, and if you can, niche down again and that's where you'll find your success.


Listen to find out how to niche down and find your thing to re brand and how to own it.

You will learn;

  • How to find your own thing and how to own it
  • How to target your ideal market
  • How long it took me to get where I am now
  • Benefits on knowing what to say no to
  • Benefits on niching down



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