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How To Run Your Business Remotely: My Biggest Lessons

How I Ran My Business Remotely While Touring Jamaica For 8 Weeks: SP010

Have You Every Wanted To Run Your Business Remotely?

In speaking to a fellow business owner I meet recently at a business networking event, One of the things he said to me really grabbed my attention.

"I haven’t had a holiday in over 5 years."

I responded, "Wow, why not?"

He went on to tell me that he's to busy running his business.

If he was to leave, the business will probably all fall apart as there was no one who could run it in his absence.

I told him that I'd not long come back from touring Jamaica for eight weeks with my family and I ran my business remotely while we we’re traveling.

He looked at me amazed, almost in disbelief, so I started sharing a bit of my story with him.


how I ran my business remotely

Listen To This Episode (00:29:47)

We didn't really have much time left as it was near the end of the event and I wanted to give him as much insight and information as I could.

I really felt his pain.

I could see the overwhelm and read the frustration in his face.

"I haven't had a holiday in over 5 years."

This episode is dedicated to that gentleman.

The lessons learned after running my business remotely for 8 weeks while touring Jamaica.


Listen to find out some of the main reasons my trip was so successful and how you can implement systems and processes to see the same success in your business.

You will learn;

  • The importance of thinking ahead when considering business equipment
  • Which tools and apps played the biggest roll in making the trip a success
  • How you can train both your staff and your clients to work "your way"
  • How many hours it took me to upload an 8 minute video to YouTube

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